Limousines | Luxury Cars & MPV's with up-to 8 passenger seats

Luxury.....Volkswagen Phaeton

One of the most advanced and thoroughly engineered luxury cars on the road today. 3 - 4 passengers.

Style.....Mercedes E class

It's not always a good idea to upstage the boss! Steal a little luxury without ruffling his feathers. 2 - 3 passengers.

Indulgence.....Mercedes S class  

A world leader for world leaders, supremely comfortable on a long journey or in city traffic. Ideal for 3 - 4 passengers.

Image.....Chrysler Voyager 

Versatile family cruiser both comfortable and practical in the evening or to the airport.  Up to 6 passengers.

Statement..........BMW 7 Series

Tried and tested, a true trans-continental cruiser. 3 - 4 passengers.

Capacious.....Volkswagan Transporter SE 

This is the largest MPV on the market perfect for group travel, golf and ski parties. Up to 8 passengers and luggage.

Comfort.....Skoda Superb Estate

This Estate sets new standards of luxury, quality and load carrying ability. Book it and see. 3 - 4 passengers.


Spacious.....Ford Tourneo

Economical group travel. Up to 8 passengers in comfort.


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